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05-01-2013, 10:03 AM
Short term requests: (in no particular order)

Ability to email specific Ranks instead of just the entire Fleet Mail
(by addressing "holodeck.fleet+name.Rank1" or some such)

Fleet Mail to @handles, instead of all characters in Fleet (eliminating the HUGE amount of Spam someone with multiple Alts in Fleet gets!)

"Fleet Leader" title for all characters in Rank 7 of a fleet (top rank) - should reset if they leave fleet or are demoted.

Medium term requests: (in no particular order)

Ability to apply/deny fleet permissions to *individual* members, as well as entire ranks

Ability to reset a Reputation (so you can select different/better things with any stockpiled marks and/or regrind for different selections)

Migration of all Neverwinter Foundry technologies to STO Foundry (3D item manipulation, etc)

Humans in KDF same as Klingons in Starfleet - C-Store. (as per Michael Dorn's ideas, actually)

All KDF NPC uniform options (Fed off-duty robes and Mercenary items used on KDF NPCs) open to Players, & all Player uniforms open to BOffs (including Omega/KHG)

Long term request:

Michael Dorn voicing old Worf - despite his outrageous statements when he was on stage at 2013 Philly ST Con of how much he would charge. He's clearly ticked off about CBS turning down his pilot, as well as the use (legally) of Worf in STO. His attachment to the character oozed out of everything he said last weekend, and his aversion to STO was apparent in his terse, borderline rude, answers to STO and video game questions both on stage and in the autograph line. But he could be turned around now that Crosby has been involved... maybe... ?
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