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05-01-2013, 10:32 AM
Originally Posted by askray View Post
This is 100% false. Not EVERYONE works on everything. Example - Brandon's the Community Manager and while yes he does help write blogs, take screenshots and I'm sure has had some little input on how things are done, ultimately he's not coding STO nor doing 3d animation etc.

The GM/Support team that handles things handles all tickets in the order they get them. Billing ones do get handled (I know I've had a few hehe) it just takes time and patience
I wasn't suggesting that it was said that everyone works on everything, just within their functional levels. From what was suggested earlier was that staffers were working on LoR within their function (ie: coding, design, etc.).

If it is true that they are not using supporting and development staff from active games to make the new game, so much the better. But the other person suggested this wasn't the case and that they hadn't transferred in needed supporting staff to take up the slack, if that is the case, that is concerning. I would hope it would be the sooner, not the latter that we are experiencing.