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Originally Posted by cmdrscarlet View Post
So, I need to get into STFs to get the better stuff, but until I get the better stuff, what can I use now ...
Rep wont become available until level 50. You have a good enough build going for where you are. The only thing you really need from the rep system is the borg console, which is tier-1 item that will replace one of your other consoles. You can start doing normal STFs at level 44 so you can get some omega marks together and have them ready once you hit level 50. The Mk X assimilated set pieces also become available at tier-1, and the MACO/Omga Mk X pieces become available at tier-2 (another 3-4 days after tier-1), but the Mk X stuff is only a good upgrade if you dont plan to finish the rep (so in your case it may be a good idea).

It seems to me that, the latest rounds today is focused on the weapons versus the rest. Once I crack into the Rep store then getting the suggested consoles will solve certain build problems. I should replaced DEM.

But really its the weapons. Correct?
Well all the energy weapons do the same base damage, so the only real difference between them is the proc type, and at 2.5% chance the proc is mostly just noise. If you can get above 10% chance to proc (by raising your CritH chance) then you can plan on the proc actually contributing towards your build. The point about tetryon is that the proc is essentially useless. Kinetic damage is heavily reduced by shields so you need to get rid of the shields or reduce the hull resists to kinetic damage so that whatever passes through does more actual damage. Phasers and Polarons will do the former, disruptors will do the latter, plasma and antiproton have properties that can be useful but are not helpful for a sci control build per se. Tetryon just kind of whittles at the shield, which doesnt do anything useful at all (only really useful in some very specific situations).