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People screwing up eSTF on purpose, doing everything to make the team lose the optional or the mission. I'm not talking about AFKers or rainbow ships without a clue, it's those people that came straight from the ***hole club that want to make sure you feel sad/annoyed for the next 30min.

ISE: high dps jem hadar heading straight to the nanite generator and blowing it before the cube that's hovering above the transformer, both sides. The ***hole pilot did that right after the patrols were taken care of.

CSE: high dps ship blows up one upper probes on three sides, one after another spawning 3 Negh/raptors, which the captain quickly lures toward the kang.

KASE: pilots blowing up 2 generators on all transformers, leaving the rest of the team to take care of it. These cubes somehow always manages to go after the pilots on probe duty, ugh.

KAGE: once we get to the large room (where the nodes are), someone beams into the console room and randomly drops shields on every one of them before we even started clearing the place. I don't have to paint you the picture what happens next.

IGE: trigger line sabotage. Trigger line tactic is a good strategy, which guarantees the optional for a team that's not used to elite ground missions. It's not absolute per se (much like the 10% rule in infected), but most teams try to follow it generally. It has an inherent weakness though, if teammates agree on the trigger line tactic, every one must follow it or the opt will fail. Sometimes you have that oddball, that's geared right for that matter, but completely refuses to teamwork and even mentions it in the chat. This captain ******* will cross every trigger line, will aggro everything in sight which results in the entire team being decimated because they're now scrambling to save the hostage and ignoring the danger in the room.

CGE: I don't have a scenario for this one, because I have yet to see anyone sabotaging this one on purpose. Maybe because it's hard to do so or I've just been lucky.

It's so retarded that I'm not making this stuff up.
Sad fact of life, trollers indulge in other players' misery. I've seen my fair share of idiots, and it's so annoying.

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