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05-01-2013, 11:00 AM
I just completed the reman mk XII Very Rare set on my science officer, and it's pretty nice. Because of the High Yield bonus, I swapped to fireatwill HY1, BFAW2 and TS3. makes for a decent amount of damage, especially when they're sucked into a near max level Grav Well3 and the plasma fire spreads as the ships collide, then you turn around and pop a hargh'peng out your rear end for the AOE damage there as well. I've been having some trouble settling on what to go with for my 3rd rear slot on my sci. I have my Romulan experimental plasma beam array, kinetic cutting beam and have been debating between Hargh'peng, Breen cluster torp, regular mines, turret... It's a tough call. I'd like to see a normal 360 beam array like the shuttles use.