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05-01-2013, 12:01 PM
Not my worst, but just surreal enough that I had to share.

Hive Onslaught, normal, we make it to the Queen. Group is going a bit slow and one person is spending more time waiting to respawn than he survives between lives but not bad for a queue pug.

Queen does her impulse burst thing then AMS, catching the whole team (except the guy who's always dead). Everyone stops shooting, except one guy in a rainbow beam escort just spraying FAW all over the place. Decent damage for the bad build, not enough to destroy anyone but enough to wipe out mines and fighters and leave a couple people with open shield arcs.

I see this occasionally, people just not paying enough attention and doing a lot of unnecessary damage. They can really mess with a group, but because they're not paying attention they usually don't realize it's ME blowing them out of the sky instead of the queen. He's already under half health, so all it takes is the high yeild I already have queued up and he's gone.

Couple seconds later, "Check your targets when you're AMS'ed Hevach, you killed me." He's not angry, mistakes happen, "Sorrys" and "nps" are exchanged, he's very reasonable about this whole situation, he wants to help me improve. He almost makes me feel a little bad for killing him.

But that's why it's so surreal to me. If he noticed my torpedo and understands what had happened that allowed me to kill him, how did he not do the same for the psychedelic rainbow of death he was vomiting on everything except the queen?

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