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Originally Posted by deokkent View Post
People screwing up eSTF on purpose, doing everything to make the team lose the optional or the mission. I'm not talking about AFKers or rainbow ships without a clue, it's those people that came straight from the ***hole club that want to make sure you feel sad/annoyed for the next 30min...

CGE: I don't have a scenario for this one, because I have yet to see anyone sabotaging this one on purpose. Maybe because it's hard to do so or I've just been lucky.

It's so retarded that I'm not making this stuff up.
How about running at Armek before anyone else is ready, and spawning the shields? And doing this repeatedly, and not supporting the team and spawning cover shields around Armek?

Oh, and rushing through the enemies throughout the map, and refusing to help complete the transformer Connect-The-Dots.

Seen this happen - it IS possible, unfortunately.

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