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It's the same for every multiplayer game. The devs can fix the game, but not the players. You say there's no reason to cooperate? I beg to differ. A coordinated team will get more kills, kill faster, and otherwise perform better. The rewards for teamwork are baked into the gameplay. Your trouble isn't that teamwork isn't rewarded, but that you're teamed with bad, inconsiderate players. The only solution is to bring premades.
This is true. I remember recently doing KSE and while the rest of the team was working one gate nobody bothered to watch the other so I go cover it. While I ensure nothing gets by me for 10 minutes (in a non-fleet cruiser too) I glance at the optional status and see those 4 clowns had let 3 probes get by them and escape. By the time we get the other gate down 2 players have left, and the remaining 3 of us spend the next hour battling the Scimitar. The 4 BNP award wasn't quite worth the extra work, but taught me a valuable lesson.
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