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05-01-2013, 01:01 PM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
If you have any questions regarding a ticket's response, they should be brought up within the ticket itself -- feel free to reply to it. Only the GM team can assist in this matter


Brandon =/\=
Brandon.. have you tried to put a ticket in yourself?

Here's some facts:

The ticket support website you're supposed to use to reply to them.. doesn't work. In all browsers (Firefox, IE, Chrome) the browsers say the website is being redirected in ways that it cannot be completed.

Replying to the nitwits in support through e-mail gets you gems worthy of the movie 'Idiocracy'. For example, when I had to resort to replying to customer service email directly with a full copy of the ticket & the CSR's response to it...and I clearly, oh so CLEARLY stated the WHY I was sending the reply through e-mail rather than using the support website (the website redirection thing)... can you guess what they replied to me with?

'We cannot help you sorry please use the support website' .

I guess the CSR building they work at also uses gatorade to water their lawn. What other explanation is there? Its got eh-lehk-tro-lites!

...and I watched my tickets 'expire' because they received no reply. OMFG. I lost 2 purple doffs (one unique) to an interface glitch in a doff mission... and it was impossible to get support for it.

Case in point is: The service rendered is abysmal. Its an exercise in futility to even attempt to contact support for an in-game issue or for billing.