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Originally Posted by ryan218 View Post
*OOC: Kinda biased towards the Federation, huh?*

Drake: Interesting. Tell me more about this Civil War.
*OOC: Sorry about that. I will change it up a bit when I get some time. But this is Stane we are talking about, and a he is a business man after all. Speaking of which did you forget about another exchange aside from Drake's?*

Stane: Left my company with quite a bit of profit. But my question is why do you wish to know about it? It is after all another universe that has no exact need of yours, as we have problems of our own to deal with. I also read up on this timeline and found it is odd to say the least...

*Stane lets out a strange foreign whistle language that causes one of Drake's men to change back into his base form a face dancer.*

You also have strange company.

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