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I also never think I did bios on Harper or terrace.

ONI data base file.

Name: Harper, Jeth
Rank: fleet admiral.
Current command
U.N.S.C Titan ( a gryphon class super carrier. )
U.N.S.C home fleet 250 vessels.
U.N.S.C iner and mid colony defense fleets over 10,000 vessels

Jeth Harper was born on the colony world jehrico VII. Once he reached the age of 17 he went to the corbuelo military academy of advanced military warfare. After graduating he spent the next few years working with carrier battle groups in the mid colonies. At the age of 38 he was promoted to fleet admiral by fleet admiral terrace who is te chief of military operations. Making him one of the youngest fleet admirals in the history of the U.N.S.C. Many people fear this is because there is more then one war the UNSC is in and that ONI I keeping it a secret.

Name: terrace, Keith
Rank : fleet admiral
Chief of navy operations
Current command
UNSC In Amber Clad ( UNSC wolverine class super cruiser.)
Outer colony defense forces
Over 75,000 vessels.

Terrace grew up on the planet Arcadia. And at the age of 18 went to the Damascus academy for special warfare operation after serving in the UNSC for over 50 years he was named fleet admiral and put in charge of navy operations. Current age is 68
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