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05-01-2013, 06:42 PM
I think the effort you're putting into tweaking your build already puts you streaks ahead of those "install your drops" builds that never read the manual. I began an analysis of this build by putting things into roles (shield-stripper, tank-healer, "clumper"). It gave me ideas but is definitely not a recipe. Practice is more important with so many interacting abilities. I imagined a focus on just two roles might multiply skills/consoles/abilities more but I could be wrong, and "roles" are subjective. I personally want to be sure I beat Escorts at something, since they'll always win at Weapon Slots.

I wonder - do the retro phasers shoot blue? They have a blue icon. If so then running the arc mentioned in the link a few times might get you a full load of blue phasers. Note any critique of Tetryon beams should push them to the limit (eg. multiple Tetryon Pulse Generators and Flow Capacitors, related shield stripping abilities, and extra CritH) and not just be raw numbers for one beam on any old Escort. Shield stripping benefits team mates but not you in DPS-ranked Fleet Actions, and many objects in STFs don't have shields. If you find a sweet spot for using shield stripping I'd like to know.

Built-in Science abilities like Sub Nucleonic Beam, Target Subsystem: Shields could be macroed to fire along with beams and torps, but can be more devastating when timed right. I'm not sure how you're using these.

Regarding tanking (taking damage instead of team-mates): I suspect that depends on doing more damage, rather than wasting points in Threat Control that could improve other abilities. It's an expensive thing to test, so I haven't, as it involves respecs. I fear you might still not have half the aggro of a focused Escort attack. In any case your AoE attacks get the attention of other enemies. Photonic Shockwave is nice for that too, if you fight at close range. Someday high level fleet [+Threat] consoles might become an option. If you do manage a lot of aggro you might consider FeedBack Pulse.

Regarding "Booster Module": Graviton Pulse Generator is very nice to have for clumping. It has a very long cool down, about every second Gravity Well, but I still subscribe to it.

Balancing of Graviton Generators (pull) and Particle Generators (squeeze), I've gone with PGs in pursuit of quick kills and high DPS in SB24, getting minor GG from multipurpose consoles (as you do).

And lastly: for every shield boost you can bear to lose, you can do more damage. Never be afraid to experiment, you'll definitely know when you've gone too far