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05-01-2013, 09:02 PM
But what is the lesser of two evils here? Putting in the work(which will be required if they make a Dominion, Borg, or Cardassian faction) to make some thing better looking over all, or to leave something in an outdated unfinished looking state that just looks terrible.

I understand the seeming issue, it can really be worse over in CO seeing how matching parts will still have the same problem leaving a visible line. But it's not even the skins that do this. There are a lot of in game assets that could really use some touching up to allow for use with open uniforms and such, Seven of Nine's Hand implant is a great example. Sure you never see it under the uniform but there have been instances where you see it running up the arm. Cardassians have the Neck scales that run to the shoulders as well as along the clavicle and sternum. I know there are a ton of people that would love to have the Ketrecel Tube added in for their Jem'Hadar characters. The borg characters would love to have the full assimilated skin as well as the ability to pick and choose extra wires and such to look less human.

Not only is it an opportunity to fix the issue at hand but it would also be the perfect opportunity to be creative and add in extras as a nice little freebee to every one. To be honest i would hate to see this game become like CO where things are often left unfinished once it's released. It's a major aesthetic issue as well as one that will only keep popping up in the future, especially if there is any possibility of adding additional factions or Species in the game. Every one else deserves the same treatment that Caitians and Trills have had for months now.