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05-02-2013, 06:18 AM
Actually, advanced fleet weapons are superior to Elite fleet weapons if you want anything other than Phaser, since, you know, elites are phaser only. In fact, the fleet Antiprotons are pretty much the only game in town for true "endgame" AP builds, and with the romulan boffs making crit builds even more powerful, AP builds can work very nicely indeed.

Also, common wisdom seems now to state that Acc x2 is usually sufficient, and although DMG x2 is probably worse than, say, CrtH x2, the best you could get otherwise is Acc x2 CrtH x1, and they would cost you a bundle, so really, advanced fleet weapons, for those who don't use Phasers or Plasma (rep weapons are better) and aren't rolling in enough EC to buy leet Mk XII Acc x2 CrtH off the exchange, are the best available. And again, with recent crit boosts, AP are back in vogue after a long hiatus, and the ONLY way to get MK XII with Acc x2 is fleet advanced. Tetryon will probably be better from the tholian rep system, but we will have to wait a while to see them in game.

Also, the fleet advanced engines are superior to fleet elite engines.

Fleet advanced deflectors aren't great, but if you aren't using a rep set, they can work for you.

Fleet advanced shields are garbage, no doubt about that. Don't waste any resources on them, like, ever.