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05-02-2013, 06:10 AM
Tier 3 diplomatic facilities (mostly, a big fireplace) now in place at the Embassy... tier 3 recruitment is grinding slowly away (a bit over a week before completion). Once this is done, the push will be on to reach the full T3 embassy! Prodigious debaucheries, or at least special events, are being planned for this particular milestone.

The starbase, too, continues to make progress, with the T4 communications array just a gnat's whisker from being completed. (Well, OK, this particular gnat has whiskers made of 100k+ dilithium... but, it's nearly there, trust me on this.)

In among all this talk of facilities... we're still doing training events, we're still keeping those facilities well-stocked, and - in among all the inconsequential chatter - we're still dishing out actual help and advice on the in-game chat channels. One recent member was moved to point out, after asking a question on something, that he'd received an answer which was a) prompt, b) correct, and c) did not involve him being called a n00b for asking. Which is the sort of thing we're actually here for. Well, that and having fun in the game.