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05-02-2013, 06:26 AM
I'm not -exactly bothered by small visual inconsistancies, but the larger ones...

Take the fleet dssv for instance - when kitbashing them, you'd expect the main textures, ect to line up, the decal patterns to look right and so on - pretty standard stuff considering you are paying 2000z (or ec equivalent) for a set of ship modules to use it

Unfortunately, no matter the configuration, the material shade on the fleet ship costume is slightly darker than the material used on the standard ship parts - even though they are using the same material! That along with the alignment issues means the only parts you can really change without the ship looking like Frankeinsteins tragedy are the pylons and nacelles as every decal and the ship material itself on the saucer and hull do not match up

A similar issue, but only decal-wise applies to the fleet norgh/ning'tao (off topic..but why is it named a ning'tao but only has the norgh costume as standard unless you buy the ning'tao?)

Granted, its only aesthetic and once I'm blasting away (or dropping grav wells) its barely registers, but parked outside esd while you are opening doff boxes for the daily starbase feed...