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05-02-2013, 08:39 AM
I wonder - do the retro phasers shoot blue?
Yes they do shoot blue, they also look like two beams being fired.

Built-in Science abilities like Sub Nucleonic Beam, Target Subsystem: Shields could be macroed to fire along with beams and torps, but can be more devastating when timed right. I'm not sure how you're using these.
The only trouble is the TSS is tier 1 no matter the level of the ship. By the time people react to it kicking in it is already over. This is only what I have seen during red alerts well played grouing may mean it is better utilised in those situations.

Rep wont become available until level 50. You have a good enough build going for where you are. The only thing you really need from the rep system is the borg console, which is tier-1 item that will replace one of your other consoles.
I got that on two of my characters from the quest. Why they felt the need to move it I do not know. However as said it should take little time to get there.

At 50 the borg red alerts also give marks, though they may give it lower I have only gone to them at 50. Given my nervousness to enter an STF, seen so many threads about how bad it can be, I tend to get them from the red alert and defera invasion. Even then I am passed tier 2 and starting on tier three though that is a tad more expensive so will take me longer.