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05-02-2013, 08:20 AM
Originally Posted by amwolfe View Post
I finally have enough saved to buy one of the three-packs. Reading the descriptions, the Vesta set sounds great, I love that it has hangars... but I want that Odyssey bridge!

Really that's why I wanted that ship. I played with it a bit on Tribble, it was a good ship, but all that falls way under the impact of that bridge.
As cool as the bridge is, the Vesta's just more fun to fly in-game.

You want to visit the bridge? Fire up Tribble and see it there. You want to play a fun ship that does a ton of cool stuff? Get the Vesta. You've got aux cannons to toy with, a science ship that can equip any cannons, different pets for your hangar, a BOFF layout to choose from that utilizes science powers, three distinct consoles, and when you use all three consoles, a perfect armor bubble of protection power.

The Odyssey just can't keep up with all that.