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05-02-2013, 10:40 AM
I had a lot of bad STFs since I started playing.But the worst from my point of view was actually my fault.HOSE with a low dps group,me in my Temporal sience Vessel (kdf side dont remember the name at the moment)Full temporal Warfarset and both Time Consoles.Wanted to give it a try.

To kill the cubes took about 30 min.Both Unimatrix about 40 min.Still nobody left,nobody was complaining.Then we got to the Queen....took about 40 min to get her down to 10%.

and then it happend...She nearly killed me.I was about 3 km away from her. I pressed temporal backstep and BAAM she was back at 100%!

Nobody said a Word just everybody stopped moving.The only Tac Escort left instantly.

We had no chance to win this anymore.I said about a million times "SORRY" and also bailed after only 2 where left.
I didnt logt on for 2 day..that was so embarassing.

(sry for my bad english and yeah first post^^)

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