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Wow, great idea! I, myself, am working on the first episode of a planned 40+ episode series! And your idea (collaboration with spotlight authors) is very much similar to the partnership I have entered into with the foundry author, dariuskoronikov! If you wish to find out more about this series, drkfrontiers, feel free to pm me! Pretty much, the partnership's "contract" is that dariuskoronikov will allow me to use his series' characters and ships, BUT, I am NOT allowed to kill off any of his characters or destroy any of his named ships! Past that, I pretty much have free reign in what I can do! (there is a bit of talk between us as well... pm me to learn more about it). With regards to further details on my planned series, I will post a thread dedicated to it after the publishing of my first episode: Yin and Yang! I will be quite interested in finding out more about this upcoming "production!" Please, keep me posted!
Thanks Sampa

Yes for sure I will keep you posted and collaboration is what its all about.

For now, we are in a kinda strange pre-launch limbo due to the nature of Season 8 exp. I am not entirely sure of the merits of starting the project until the exp. is released.

Once released its going to be full steam for certain.

At the end of it, I hope that players will feel part of an ongoing roller-coaster ride like the Star Trek Seasons TOS, TNG, VOY, ENT, and DS9

We lost our Dominion author to real life so if you are interested there are always spots open.

When we set sail we will do a head count of authors again to see who is on-board and the open spots.