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Genis leapt to the door of the Captain’s Room as he heard phaser fire.

He arrived just in time to see Andrea fall to the ground. The smell of ozone in the air attested to the fact she had just vaporized Selan. The wound across Andrea’s face was partial indication why.

When Genis couldn’t wake Andrea, he activated the EMH.

“Please state the nature of the medical emergency.”

“The Captain is down.”

The doctor produced a tricorder and scanned the Captain. “She has a mild bruise to her cheek, and she has been drugged with Tescaline. It’s used to place patients into a comma.”

“What should I do?”

“I suggest you inform the second in command, the Vorta Sal’Ar Rei. Computer, site to site transport to the medical bay.” And the Doctor and Andrea disappeared.

Sal’Ar took the news calmly and summoned the command staff to the bridge ready-room.

The doctor appeared and gave his diagnosis. “Tescaline must run its course. She’ll be unconscious for anywhere between seventy two and two hundred thirty hours. Trace elements in the air of the Captain’s room at the time of the event indicates a second person was vaporized, most likely Sub-Commander Selan.”

“I wonder if she sabotaged our computers with regard to that particle.” Allen was acting with self-discipline, but a blind man could have perceived the amounts of anger and fear radiating off him.

“That would fit the current evidence. What is so special about this particle?” Sal’Ar swirled the dark liquid in his mug.

“We haven’t been able to tell, the computers shut down every time we get a fix on it.”

“Use the targeting sensor from torpedo bay two. It doesn’t have the resolution of the sensor array, but it does have limited target identification abilities, and it’s Dominion technology.”

“It would at least give us mass and energy output. I’ll get on that.”

“No, Mr. Skagg, have the engineering crew attempt the modification.” Sal’Ar could see Allen visibly contract, but Sal’Ar felt he had to establish his chain of command. “Something about the Captain’s attack feels…”


“I can’t explain it, but I want a thorough review by both you and Genis on this matter. If Selan did indeed drug the Captain I want to make sure she is dead, or ready to be questioned.”

Allen found that the Vorta had given him the task he was going to work on secretly anyway. Maybe the Vorta won’t be so hard to work for after all, thought Allen.

“I will remain on my watch. I’ll Assign Lieutenant Vernes, ‘First Watch.’ Despite the temporary shift in command we’ll keep as much of the duty roster intact as possible.” He stood at the head of the table to make sure everyone was looking at him. “I realize our Federation allies have been placed into a position of trust they thought would never come. I ask that you trust your Captain’s judgment on this matter, and that you give me the courtesy that she would expect you to give in this situation. It was our intention that I would be leading First Contact inquiries in any case. I will expect proposals for initial contact on my desk in four standard hours. Dissmissed.”

The meeting quickly broke up, everyone looking to his or her duty. Sal’Ar indulged himself in a small smile; he had half expected a mutiny. “I guess they are professionals after all.”

Numerous sensor scans of the Captain’s ready Room revealed no new information. It appeared on every level that Selan had been vaporized, although the motive was still a mystery. Another mystery was the phaser setting.

“She had it set at max. She could have blown out the inner hull if she had missed.” Allen double-checked his findings.

“Federation hand phasers can vaporize a target at level 14, and I see the Captain attempting to stun rather than kill.” Genis was sweeping the room once again with a dominion portable scanner, in case Selan really had sabotaged the Federation tech on the ship.

“She might have been feeling the drug. I don’t know anything about Tescaline.”

“Nor I.”

“I’ll ask the computer for more information on it later tonight.” Allen rubbed some of the sleep out of his eyes. They had been going at the investigation for thirteen hours, and the initial probe by the Vorta would be launched in a few hours. “I’ve got to sleep. Goodnight, Genis.”

“Safe sleeping, Mr. Skagg.”

Four hours later Allen joined the rest of the command crew on the Bridge as the Vorta was getting final launch numbers from the probe.

“The energy fluxuation from the hull continues to scan us.” Allen reported as he adjusted his sensors. “We have arrived at the center mass and have stopped moving.”

“Very well. Launch Probe One, Mr. Skagg, and begin transmitting universal language library.”

The probe launched from the underside torpedo launcher and proceeded to shrink in size until it was invisible against the backdrop of the leviathan-ship.

“Receiving telemetry. Initial scan…” Allen was cut short as the ship lurched forward.

The Granameir struggled in the grip of the beam, but it was a futile gesture. The bulbous mass in front of them opened up and swallowed them into darkness, darkness so complete that even the lights and scanners of the Granameir found no purchase, and all sense of motion stopped, except for a feeling that they were falling in every direction.

Into that blackness the Granameir plunged, and all lighting on the ship failed, and no light would spark, and even the instrumentation showed no light. And soon they discovered individually that no sound could be heard outside their own breathing.

And then, as one, everyone could hear everyone else, perhaps a million, billion other souls. Scared, tortured, and screaming beyond the ability of physical voices.

The last the crew was allowed to hear was the closing of the bubble, trapping them in hell.