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"...make a member of the Audience Disappear, and replace them with..."

-Elizabeth Tran, Risa conference

"That was a neat trick."
-Overheard at a Cafe' in Los Angeles, 2410/10/16

Sol System -

Frank Grimes fought of a wave of nausea as the Dark Star emerged from the transwarp gate.

"Are you alright sir?" his Caitian pilot asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just a touch of S.O.D."

Lt. T'aalb nodded. The sensory overload caused by travel at infinite velocity afflicted even veteran spacers. Caitians tended to recover from the disorienting effects more quickly than other species, which was a large part of why they were in such high demand as Starfleet conn officers. "Setting course for Titan, warp four-point-five."

They arrived in orbit of Saturn's largest moon half a minute later. Grimes tapped the comm panel. "Titan orbital control, this is Starfleet vessel Dark Star requesting landing clearance at Heinlein City shuttlepads, over."

"Dark Star, you are cleared to land on Pad C. Sending approach vectors now."

Grimes glanced at the pilot, who nodded, confirming he had the vectors on his Nav/Fly display and began his descent through the atmosphere. "Received, thank you."

"Watch out for flapper traffic, Dark Star. Control out."

Soon the modified Stalker-type stealth fighter broke through the cloud layer and its occupants could see several "flappers" - colonists or tourists with strap-on wings taking advantage of the moons low gravity and incredibly dense atmosphere. T'aalb gave them a wide berth as he steered toward the city.

Once they were on the ground, Frank Grimes opened the hatch and stretched. "You'd better clean out the cargo compartment and pull out the jump seat, Talby," he told the pilot. "We might have a passenger."

"No problem, sir. I'll be ready when you get back."

Grimes pulled out his PADD and checked the map of Heinlein City. The Lance House was on a small hill past the outskirts of town, about two kilometers north of the shuttlepad. Grimes set off, traversing the distance with a few bounding steps and about as much effort as he would exert crossing the street on Earth. As he approached the treatment facility he heeded the warning signs that said Normal Gravity Area and landed lightly on the grav-plated courtyard.

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