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"Welcome to Lance House!" a too-cheerful receptionist greeted Frank Grimes as he entered the lobby. "How can I assist you?"

"You're... Melinda, right?" Grimes recalled the name from his photographic memory. "I'm Captain Grimes. I talked to you on subspace yesterday."

"Yes, of course, Mr. Grimes. You were asking about one of our clients. I am sorry you had to come all this way, but you can understand the need for patient privacy."

"I'm sure if I was a patient here I wouldn't want people talking about me on subspace either," Grimes remarked, matching Melinda's inappropriately chipper tone.

"Now, which client did you want to know about?"

"Dr. Okuda," Grimes told the receptionist. "Alice Okuda."

"And your relationship...?"

Grimes subtly indicated his Starfleet combadge. "I represent her former employer."

"Of course. Give me a minute."

"Take your time." Grimes idly looked around lobby. He spotted several holocams, forcefield generators and holoemitters. "Looks like you have good security here."

"Mmm. The people with the sort of problems we treat here are prone to... erratic behavior."

"Do you run security from this desk?" Grimes asked conversationally.

"No, security is handled off-site in case... well, remember the incident at the Loews Institute about fifteen or sixteen years ago? We don't want a repeat of that." She kept tapping her screens for a moment before she mentioned "I can tie in the security camera feeds though. It never hurts to have an extra pair of eyes."

"That seems sensible."

"Are you in Starfleet Security, Mr. Grimes?"

"I work with them from time-to-time," he answered vaguely.

"Ah, here we are." Melinda activated the display on the counter. "Is this here?"

Frank Grimes stared at the now-familiar face of Alice Okuda and skimmed her patient record. "That's her... but according to this, she's been discharged!"

"Umm, transferred actually. Under the care of Dr. Mallard, at the Olympus Institution on Earth."

Grimes stiffened, but he covered his reaction instantly. He'd heard the name Dr. Mallard somewhere before. And he'd certainly heard of the Olympus Institution. He'd used that cover many times himself. "Who authorized her transfer?"

"Uh, looks like the medical directive was signed by Commander Marq Sander, who was also listed as primary point of contact on her advance directive when she was admitted here. And then, Miss Okuda herself signed her own release forms."

"When did this transfer take place?" Grimes wondered, as he reached for something in his pocket.

"Apparently Dr. Mallard's program has shown great success in treating patients in Miss Okuda's situation," Melinda cheerfully concluded."

"I see. I guess I'll have to talk to Dr. Mallard then. Thank you for your help." As Grimes turned to leave he pulled a tiny device from his pocket and attached it under the edge of the receptionist's counter. He went out to the courtyard and paused to look at his PADD. The device he'd planted had already interfaced with the computer system in the Lance House. Grimes called up the security holocam footage for the stardate Melinda had given him for Okuda's checkout, and crosslinked a facial recognition program with Okuda's file image.

After a few seconds, the PADD displayed several angles of Alice Okuda being led out of the facility by a bland-looking Human in a lab coat. The last shot was taken by a hidden camera in the courtyard. It showed Okuda being placed in a hovercar, and Dr. Mallard closing the door, and his face shimmered a little as he entered the front seat. Grimes rewound that section, enhanced on Mallard's face and slowed it down. The face of Dr. Mallard morphed into the all-to-familiar visage of a blonde Caucasian male with a nasty scar on his right cheek.

Grimes stared at the face of his former colleague. His former brother. "Delta," he muttered. "I should've known."

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