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05-02-2013, 11:51 AM
There are a few things that I would do as far as costume options, that would benefit every one.

First, I would combine all costumes into two categories, Uniforms, and off duty. Anything faction specific would be placed into the uniform slots, while everything else wouldn't. this would cut down on the number of different types of outfits, like the Omega reputation armor, and the likes. this may involve some rework of existing items to work better with each other, but I think that is needed anyway.

second, I would add in a male and female generic officer that you can customize only the clothing options of so you can set a ship wide uniform dress code. This would also involve a new color added to the selector, which would be career color (class color) that way engineers would still be distinguishable from tactical. This would solve the issue of non bridge officer crew dressing differently.

Third, I would make every Boff have an off duty outfit that is selected when you select to wear and off duty uniform. or make it an option in the drop down menu when you change outfits. Example, Boff off duty/uniform selection button that toggles between the two. there can even be triggers in mission and locations where it will toggle it for you.

Fourth, take all the visuals from armor and gear and add it to the selection or off duty uniforms. This would serve to allow those equipment parts to be added to your list as you buy or collect them, and there should be a few default options available to players. They can still be toggled when equipped over standard uniforms.

Finally, I would make all off duty uniforms universal between factions and increase the amount available to choose from. That way Cryptic can add in uniforms to all factions at once. These options would include things from the show that aren't worn by the main factions, including outfits similar to the Orion outfits, mercenary and military styles that aren't consistent with KDF or Fed, and are worn by other species, and other selections in between. Many of these options could be unlocked from venders through out the game, like drozana station, DS9, and Nimbus III (when it launches with LoR) The dev team can add to this and no one would be left out, plus it adds the options to have non star trek outfits that would still be things found in universe, like futuristic armor, the actual armor looks we currently have, and other uniforms players have been asking for, including racgged and civilian styles that are in the shows.