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05-02-2013, 11:16 AM
Another day.. another Fleet Mark.

Got a few recruits on board so far! Things are looking good.

Need more! ( Mainly in EST zone.. but all are more than welcome!! )

Friday/Saturday will be a huge FM grind for me.. hoping to have a few to bring along!

Starting T2 in Embassy Recruitment ( yay 5 power kits soon )
Finishing T3 in Engineering.. Starting T3 Science tomorrow.

Come join our growing small fleet!

- Simple
- Friendly
- Plenty of Fleet Credits to be earned.. no waiting until a project starts just so you can get a few creds!
- Many Provisions ( after 25k Starbase + Embassy combined )
- Helpful
- Experienced
- New players more than welcome.. levels 10-50
- No pressure.. not on for a week or two? No worries! Sh*t happens.. no kicks here. ( demote until you come back on for safety.. maybe )
- No PvP.. sorry.. just not into it
- No team speak.. I don't like it!
- Mature preferred, but younger players are welcome.. as long as they act mature

Message/Mail @vinru821.. yes it may say @vinru821 is ignoring you.. but that's just some weird bug or restriction.

Looking forward to hearing from you!