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Originally Posted by xgorillapx View Post
It appears that there is an improvement to the flight speed and defense (hitpoints?) of the heavy plasma projectiles. This is what the powers say on the Reman set...
Ah yes, I've seen the info on STOWiki. Thank you. I was hoping there might be more details when you right-click and view info. Sometimes that view gives actual details on what the improvements are.

Originally Posted by espiritas View Post
... if you want to boost their damage, and are on klink side, the honor guard set gives a 25% damage bonus...
Yes, the Honor Guard gives +25% dmg bonus via the Tactical Readiness passive (which also buffs Aux power and crew recov/resist (heh, who cares, amiright?)). FYI, Feds can get the same passive via the Adapted MACO set (2pc).

xGorillapx, I'm not trying to bust your bits about getting the Reman set. I'm just wondering if the Torp Spd/Def buff is worthy or if there was something else about the set that drew you to it.

I really like/prefer the Tac Readiness. Especially on Sci ships, as that +8.8 Aux Pwr buff effectively means I can route 5-10 more points into weapons power.

Have you guys noticed PvE critters shooting down plasma torps? I rarely do (unless a lucky FaW hits one, or the like).

Love the Reman/Romulan set costumes/theme though, but I haven't wanted to waste the marks to get them/test them myself as Tac Readiness dmg buff "on paper" seems so much better (than inc torp spd/def), not to mention I like the individual stats for the STF gear too (and I can't seem to get reliable stats on the Reman/Rom pieces). For instance, the KHG/AM engine, is Efficient (more ship power) and has the Hot Start feature.


Originally Posted by robdmc View Post
...I agree that acc spills into crit but it is still at a lower rate then the actual crit modifiers. The borg don't move that fast so Acc to me is less of an issue. I usually only see one [Acc] mod needed at best...
You make an excellent point that Borg don't move fast and the overspill Crit Chance buff isn't as good as a dedicated CrtH tag, but it does also buffs Crt Severity, which CrtH doesn't do. I haven't parsed the difference for concrete proof, have you by any chance? Otherwise, I suppose it's a matter of personal taste. And for the record, I do like the CrtH tag, and it's a very close second to my 1st place Acc preference.

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