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05-02-2013, 12:58 PM
Originally Posted by warchild9962 View Post
Is there anyway that we could get a cut scene like this for the game:

Make it an optional thing for people coming to Space Dock... they can take the quick way in by just clicking the "Dock" option, or you can approach the docking bay doors... Docking control will take you in on tractor beams and bring your ship in.

Every once in a while... we trekkies just love to immerse ourselves into the game and get that little feel of realism.

Another twist.... when we buy a ship from the shipyard... we get to see a cut scene of our new ship leaving dry dock!

Another thing... I know you all put a lot of work into this game... but when you release a new ship... can we please get a new bridge for it? The Defiant ship interior was the best you all have done yet (The Oddy was awesome too) by not making the Ceiling 50' taller than the toons inside.

And lastly... can we please even if it's a purchase... get an option to outfit our ship NPC's all in the uniforms we want/have purchased. These old uniforms don't fit the timeline of the game! At least put them all in Academy Uniforms or something.

there was talks of adding something like that for when leaving space dock but i think that got pput on the back burner for content we may eventually see it but not for sometime but i agree that would be cool but also be nice if its shippable as well cause sometimes you just want to get straight outside so you can get to work.