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05-02-2013, 12:36 PM
Originally Posted by grnlbrtnfrnt View Post
I've grown to hate him.

Aside from the uniform issue, he doesnt speak like a Romulan and uses idioms and slang no character in the game should be using. I cringe everytime he says something.

He comments constantly even when he isnt on a bridge station, department head or Away Team. He didnt beam dowm but still adds his two cents.

Its MY story not his.

He isnt my first officer, he isnt my buddy and I dont really care about his personal relationships.

Either make him an NPC or a Boff but not both.

My only wish is that when you are indoctrinated that he is the one you get shoot. Even if its just a hologram.

If I wanted companions with stories, I'd be playing SWTOR.

I can only hope at some later point he dies a slow painful death
Good news, there are two other factions in the game that don't have companions with stories.

I like having a story, and I like having to not have to create my own reason to have an attachment to my BOFFs.

I do like your idea of Tovan being the one you have to shoot, it would certainly tie to his story better.