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My name is D'Nal Lovok, you've likely heard that name before. My grandfather was a Conel in the Tal Shiar, prior to the Dominion Wars, and joint leader with Enabran Tain to attack the Dominion, he would of saved the quadrant if he had won, but acording to federation records, a changling had replaced him, either way, he died a patriot. He had two sons, Khaiel my uncle, and Aerv my father, my Uncle worked for many years with the Tal Shiar, while my father led many missions in the dominion war, including the battle of Benzar.
Years after the war, I was born on Romulus, just months prior to Shinzon's coup, I lived on Romulus until the age of five, the year my uncle left the Tal Shiar, instead turning to the reunificationists whom were fleeing to Cirini Prime, my family was lucky, if it hadn't been for my uncle's training, we would of never escaped. We escaped with sixteen other refugees cramed in a small shuttle, only half were Romulan, the other half Reman refugees, even though my uncle had worked for the Tal Shiar he had no anamosity toward Remans, in actuality, he adopted three reman children, a brother and sister, and an infant boy he'd saved from his last mission to the Tal Shiar, the main reason he quit, being sick of all the unnessesary death.
On Cirini Prime my family lived as farmers for a time, a span of about three and a half years, even witnessing the fall of homeworld. I remember everyone crying alot it those days, a lot was lost in that day, Not only the homeworlds of Romulus and Remus, but every colony within range of the Hobus supernova, unknown billions, the entire homefleet, and for the reunificationists ambassador Spock, my mother was most saddened as her brother, the only family she had left, perished with a mining ship, the Narada. But at least our family on Cirini Prime was safe, too far from the destruction, and life goes on.
With the destruction of our homeworld, and many members of the fleet fighting for power, an invasion was imminent, the klingons, blood enemy to my people at the time, they saw weakness in our civil war, and began invading several worlds at the edge of our space, and raiding planets deep into the empire. Our biggest fear was that they would attack our colony, and the fronlines seemed ever closer as time passed, so we left Cirini to head to Rator III, a new homeworld with a powerful defence grid. As our convoy arrived each family had to choose, one member to join the defense force, in exchange we'd be allowed to settle. My father joined as he'd survived the Dominion war, commanding a Mogai attack cruiser, we wished him luck as we settled in, opening a small resteraunt near the edges of the Reman district serving both species.
My uncle was a great chef strangly enough, he told me he'd gained the skill from having to poison many enemies during the days he served the Tal Shiar. My uncle helped many romualns and remans during the protests and riots, listening to secret military information. He was a leader to some in the reunificationist movement, preaching that we must instead unify with our Reman brothers rather than our Vulcan cousins. After eight years on Rator III we fled again, the Tal Shiar had found us, they assasinated my father, and then came after us, we escaped with help from our reman friends. In hiding my family was able to move more freely, serving on a Federation freighter visiting Earth, Vulcan, Bajor, Cardassia, Q'onos, and everywhere else in between. Uncle Khaiel often disappered for months on end in a romulan shuttle, leaving me, my mother, and my cousins, alone on the freighter with only a small federation civilian crew to keep us safe. As we traveled I learned to hate Vulcans, they use their precious logic way to much, no way to win in an argument against them, sometimes I just wanted to strangle them, except for one thing, there stregth and numbers, only thing I had was my cousins keeping me out of a fight.
We spent almost a decade on that freighter, in 2406, with the Federation at war again, this time with the klingons we were unfortuate enough to be behind enemy lines as we were delivering supplies to Boreth when we were attacked, most of the crew were slaughtered after our sheilds dropped, and my uncle saved everyone his shuttle could fit, but it was too late for my mother, she died in my arms after a klingon disruptor blast, the klingon that killed my mother died quickly, as my uncle had set the ship to explode, which took the bird of prey with it.
After delivering the federation crew to Seirra Outpost we buried my mother at the remains of the homeworld, she would of wanted it that way. We returned to Romulan space later that year, a small agricultural colony, my Uncle was invited by D'Tan to start something new, he left to join D'Tan's fleet in hopes of founding a new homeworld, and my cousins went off helping Obilisk with his insurrection. For years I lived on the colony as an engineer, only now do I command a ship to help the Republic. Now my uncle he works as a department head of intelligence, my cousins are working on building on the infistructure of the capital city on this New Romulus for their people the Remans, and as for me, I've followed in my father's path, I now command a ship in a new fleet, working with both the Federation and Klingons to find a peace, and a new start for my people.
"Centurion, our guests have arrived." My Reman second officer said entering the room "A Klingon captain Rynor, and a Federation Admiral Kaav, there waiting in the mess hall when your ready."
"Thank you V'hiren, continue your security scans for both the tholian and hirogen vessels you detected, make sure they don't head this way. Also, if they do, make arrangments with the klingon ship and the starfleet vessel to include them inside our cloaking feild, we don't want a fight on our hands."
"Yes Centurion."
As I entered the mess I could see the two other captains, Vice Admiral Kaav of Vulcan, captain of the Andromeda, and Rynor captain of the Ye'thak.
"Welcome Commanders, I'm glad to see that your ships aren't attacking each other for a change."
"That's half due to your bloodwine." Rynor spoke up. "I know why you asked for myself and the Ye'Thak, but why did you invite this pa'tack."
"I requested you Rynor because of the time your family spent with mine, before the war, to show I have no animosity towards the Klingon emoire, as the same for Vulcans, as I don't hate all Vulcan's either, as the reason I requested Kaav, a high ranking starfleet Vice-Admiral.
Kaav nodded, the same old vulcan look I hated so much, Vulcans, repressing emotion, I still have no clue what D'Tan sees in these people, but for some reason D'Tan had me invite him.
After several hours of diplomacy and three bottles of Bloodwine and Romulan ale we were no closer to a decision. "Centurion, we've detected several Hirogen vessels inbound heading this way."
"I understand, put on Red Alert."
"Also, I've intercepted attack orders to the Hirogen, a taskforce of twelve Tal Shiar and Hirogen vessels are going after one of our colonies near the Azure Nebula."
"We can't allow that, signal the fleet." With that I ended the call. Captain, Admiral, if you could help us."
Rynor almost immediately nodded agreeing, "Warriors of the Empire, prepare for battle." he spoke into his intercom. Then with the red glow of the transporter the captain vanished.
"How about you Admiral." I looked over to the vulcan drinking his spice tea.
"This is a Romulan internal affair from all looks of it, as the Emperess invited the Hirogen."
"Well Admiral, here is the situation, the Republic is divided in two, half want to help the Klingons and half the Federation, if a Federation Starship with Dominion weapons and Breen Shields allowed our colony to be destroyed while the klingons fought valiantly to protect our planet, the favor of the federation would suddenly fall."
"Are you threatening me Centurion, or the Federation." the Admiral looked up.
"No Kaav, I wouldn't, I'm just stating fact Euigenier." With that the Admiral looked up in almost shock, the only time in history I'd ever seen a Vulcan loose face. "Yeah you heard me, my Uncle is with intelligence, and you are with the Euigenic fleet, the side of starfleet that believes in integrating alien tech into your starships, so based on fact I say it's in your best intrest to help the republic."
The Admiral nodded and then touching his combadge was beamed away, with his ship moving into position.
"Excellent finally something going right. Centurion's personal recording, in case I don't make it back, D'Tan, I suggest the republic remain free of the Federation Klingon war, but if we must join a side, I suggest the Federation, nothing against the Klingons but I fear ending up like the Gorn, a conquered race. End Log." Hopefully we do survive this battle.