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Originally Posted by stardestroyer001 View Post
How about running at Armek before anyone else is ready, and spawning the shields? And doing this repeatedly, and not supporting the team and spawning cover shields around Armek?

Oh, and rushing through the enemies throughout the map, and refusing to help complete the transformer Connect-The-Dots.

Seen this happen - it IS possible, unfortunately.
I actually had people this one time do just that in a pug CGE team, except one was a sci and the other a bad eng with assault minigun. But they didn't sabotage anything, they were just total newbies, the sci one didn't even speak english; something we found out much later on. The eng quit, but at least he was listening to instructions. The other sci stuck with us, we had to use to communicate. It was an interesting mission to be honest, because we taught him how to heal effectively with the medic kit, gave him a bat'leth and taught him melee combos all that with the help of google translate. Why we went through all that trouble? Because he was the only sci and none of us could tank Armek (I know I know, very bad). At the end of the day, it was actually pretty awesome because we finished with flying colors with the newbie tanking/meleeing Armek like a boss, also being the only one who stayed alive while we were vaporized by orbital green fires of death. Newbie saved the day, we patted each other on the back picking up some much deserved loot. We're still friends to this day .
STO is the BEST game ever and the players absolutely LOVE it.

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