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# 61 Stop crying about cheese.
05-02-2013, 07:16 PM
FYI. there are more abilities in the game than rapid fire, high yield, beam overload and attack pattern omega.

If you want cannon escort (boring) fights go play starfox.
If its in the game, its in the game. provided of course its not broken, i.e. voldemort,

tac escorts are the only 'acceptable' way to pvp in the game, 'n all you really are doing is QQing about builds that don't cater to your shield tanking escort build.

Tactical captains flying escorts is akin to the fighter class in ddo or lotro,
They're simple. Best for beginners learning the game.
Not trying to bash but it is what it is.

what you call 'cheese' is just as viable as your two copies of apo or crf.
get over it.