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I've been having the same issues getting more frequent, and lasting longer. I sincerely, honestly, hopefully, anxiously, am awaiting a honest, forthright answer. If that is given, i would be able to deal with the game better than being in the dark. something on the order of Well guys, we tried all the soft fixes on our end and the hardware just finally needs replacing, in order to do that, that game has to be down for (place time here eg. 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 4 weeks, etc). that may be a bummer, BUT, i can then stop getting frustrated, simply TEMPORARILY stop playing it, til after the time stated. Each time we try and fail and or try to find answers and get some lame answers obfuscating truth (even if you dont know yet, but are still investigating), or long periods of silence, it only makes us more aggravated to keep trying and get nowhere. PLEASE, just let us know and keep us updated? if you are trying everything you can without brining down the game for quite a bit of time, I understand, BUT players really need it to work and work well. just go ahead and do it! honestly telling us, biting the bullet and brining the game down wont be nearly as bad as forever gaining the rep of poor service via noninfo, poor info, and continual poor functionality.

By the way? i still love the game and what you are doing to grow it, I'm not trying to troll or bash. just so ya might think about it?........I think the massive jerkiness, rubberbanding, crashing out of game while goin in and out of tau dewa, and new romulus AND the game launchernon working issue are related. maby a bandwith choke point in pipline? or perhaps the networking control hd/sw?
good luck guys.

and ("cheers") to Brandon, i know ya feild more of the garbage talk than ya ever need to.

gojored (NO..i DONT have red hair!!!) lol