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# 3697 It's a long one!
05-02-2013, 09:25 PM
Alright, I'm not sure if it means one short, mid, and long, or if it means three of I'm gonna go three of each, though I doubt I can think of that many. Though, I admit, I can be long-winded!


Cut down the currency! Seriously we have: Fleet Marks, Omega/Romulan Marks, EC, Dilithium, Lobi Crystals, ZEN, and GPL. Why why why have that many different things? At least get do away with the Lobi Crystals and GPL, or combine them with something else.

It would also be nice if the exchange did more than Zen/Dilithium. Unlike GPL, you can get smoe nifty things with Lobi Crystals...too bad you have to go to the player exchange to find them, if anyone is even selling them. Why not cut out the middle man (ie players) and ensure some fairness?

Okay, this one is simple, but annoying - why can we only "sit" in certain chairs without having to use an emote and guess where to stand to do it correctly? If you can program a command to get my character to sit in the captains chair automatically, why not the chairs in the lounges? Or benches in the park?


I want some more characterization for the NPC's and random locals. When I read fluff about Risa being a resort kinda place, I expect to go there to find a one-of-a-kind with all kinds of nifty things to do and buy. I'd like to beam my crew down for a big party, Bridge Officers and everything; or maybe I'd like to go to a spa, or play volleyball, or something. Also, the NPC's in these locals tend to be bland and generic, and those that aren't are sparse. I know that, as an MMORPG, it's often up to the players to make things lively and real. But why go there if there's nothing to do but look at sandy beaches and dance with nobodies?

Speaking of charaterization: how about being able to promote bridge officers to captain, wherein you can give them a ship out of your list (and give them some bridge officers of their own), and then send them out to do missions Duty Officer-style? If nothing else, maybe be given a one-use-per-instance token wherein you can call that ship to warp in and assist you, with all the powers and weapons you provided it via equipment and bridge officers. I think it'd be neat, and it'd make sense if you're a Rear/Vice Admiral to put those ships you haven't used in a while to good use. If nothing else, it'd give you a reason to cycle older, perhaps non-rare Bridge officers for fresher, more rarer ones.