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Diplomatic Orders
Rose Sharon

I'm no hero. I didn't save the ship.

This was supposed to be a 'milk run', you know? Somebody's brilliant idea - send an Ambassador-class ship to ferry an ambassador from Vulcan to P'Jem. Give the famous Robert April something nice to do that didn't put us in danger. So instead we find out that not only can Klingons show up and raid right in the heart of our civilization, but the Undine can just park one of their killer battleships in orbit of one of the freaking core worlds of the Federation and we have no way of knowing about it till they decide to show their ugly faces! Is there any place in this freaking era that isn't totally overrun by war, and monsters, and death? Mamma mia!

Sorry, Doc. You can take the girl out of Iotia, but you can't take Iotia outta the girl, I guess. Anyway, I took command when the Admiral went down with the ambassador and the landing party. Good thing, too, because he kept things going down there and helped save all those monks from rampaging Klingons (again, Klingons rampaging on P'Jem like it's nothin'!) and the Undine when they showed their faces. I'm more of a space girl myself, I don't think I could have done much down there.

I had never seen one of those ships in my life except in the review tapes we got when we were debriefing at the Vega Colony, but our new guys, the add-on bridge crew from the 25th century, they knew what were fighting. Should have heard them gasp. Jini actually fought the Undine back in the day when her old ship scrapped with one of those Nicor jobs, so she looks up at me and says "Commander, we need to get out of here, _now_!" And I look at her like she's nuts and I say "Starfleet doesn't run!"

And then I sit down in the command chair and I look at the readouts and see what kind of powerplant they've got on that thing, and I say some bad words I maybe shouldn't put on a recorder, Doc. That thing can tear us apart like we're an unmanned target hulk, but we can't run either because then it can set all of freaking P'Jem on fire! So I yell "Evasive! All power to the engines!" while Jini gets on the horn with the Kirk and sends out a distress call, and all the time those damn yellow plasma torps are coming at us. BOOM - rear shields drop to 50% in one hit, and with the next one you can hear duranium burning, and the kid in tactical is trying to hit them but there are just too many, and then, and then -

I hear it. Yeah, okay, I hear it. They tell me it's not that uncommon, really. It's not that strange. There's still so much of them in my brain, just physically wrapped in there, and the docs couldn't get it out. So it's not crazy that I would hear them, right? It...okay, here's what they said.

Five of Seven. Initial Adjunct to Temporal Vessel 6544. The projectile weapons of Species 8472 are vulnerable to Frequency... And I hear it in my head, reading off how to kill this bastard - this VOICE of the Collective, with so much power, so much knowledge, so much...control, and I want to stand there and cry because it's the voice of _Death_ in my mind. The voice of death for my mind.

But you know what I do? I tell the kid at tactical to retune the phasers and cram right up there next to it like it's all normal. You know why? Because I'm a freaking Starfleet officer! And when the Kirk gets there we're blowing up those torpedoes before they even get out of their tubes. Hell, we actually managed to damage the thing! And then we join in the big fight, and I tell you, it's beautiful watching that thing fly off when we've beaten the bloody bastard.

The minute the Admiral gets back on board, he puts me in for the freaking Pike of all things. "Commander Rose Sharon led an Ambassador-class vessel in a running fight with a Tethys-class Undine ship, leading the vessel away from P'Jem and protecting its inhabitants from attack by this powerful enemy vessel..." Anyway, they said I saved five, six thousand lives, and everyone on the April. So they gave me a medal. The Pike medal for saving the April with the help of the Kirk. Funny how that works. Everyone's really happy for me. The admiral, he told me he hopes I'm turning things around.

There's just one thing, though, one little thing. I look at that medal and I know I didn't win it.

Five of Seven did.