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05-02-2013, 09:50 PM
I suspect that once the romulan ships come out we're going to be seeing many more foundry missions that make use of Star Trek Enterprise events (like the Enterprise encountering the Romulans for the first time).
Let's hope by Christmas that we'll at least have a Lobi store upgrade for the NX Enterprise. Like being able to add more console slots, or adding armor plating that increases the hull strength. And maybe a special add-on that gives us Positron Beacons that detect cloaked ships for a limited time. For example when you use the Positron Beacons, the grappler gets disabled during that time. And if you don't have a grappler equipped, it could reduce defense power - in other words, correlating that with the fact that you'd be more vulnerable while searching for cloaked ships, but you get a huge boost in sensors during that period