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05-02-2013, 11:57 PM

Nothing, you guys always find the errors and fix them so I can't think of any there, just keep up the good work!


I would like to see reworking of the tier1 and Tier2 ships available for va, i have read on the forums where many people like the nx, Constituion TOS class, and Exeter class but won't purchase a ship they will use only for a day, I have purchased them and they can be used at VA it just is extremely difficult. I feel similar in weapon slot quality to the va Intrepid not a supership, just reasonable and I would also like to see these done differently at VA than their current tiers as follows

(1) For the Miranda,NX,Oberth would have the regenerative mode for the aux. powers continue and the ability to use heavy cannons also with the addition of the Soyuz Class

(2) The Constitution TOS Class and Refit, Exeter, Vesper, and Excalibur would be in the same class due to similar size and structure, as well as interchangable customizing bring back the ability to customize the original connie and this sould only require some hardpoint works on the model they would have the auxilary power fuction like a light cruiser as well but no heavy cannons.

One other thing for the Excelsior and Excelsior refit i noticed the wrecks in the wolf system and that they are roughly the same size as the Excelsior so it would be wonderful if the were brought in-game as an interchangeable varient for the excelsior. Maybe add the TOS connie nacelle bussard animation for the nacelle's of the wreck with a large TOS Connie like secondary hull and the Vesper's saucer and maybe even add an extra nacelle like the Vesper's as a fourth option!

The models are all in-game and would be awesome to get to use them in flight as a VA and would only require some retexturing. Maybe in addition to these ships add the TMP ship phasers to be included when purchased and this would also make the ships more appealing for the players to purchase. I being one of them!


I loved what you did with the Tholians and New Romulus, maybe in the future more worlds like New Romulus and cities like in the one in the final battle helping the Remans, the detail was awesome, various areas to go (catwalks,bridges forests), and you could add a various ground and space missions to these new worlds and maybe some building that can be slipped into and out of within the city (not to detailed, just cable of entering maybe sniping or whatever then quickly leaving). Also maybe a team pvp/pve/factions mission using these worlds. For the foundry the ability to use these worlds and cities in different setups and formations for the creation of more detailed maps for mission makers as well!