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05-02-2013, 11:25 PM
[roll credits]

special thanks to: Sander223 for the use of his characters (esp. Frank Grimes and co.)

Comments, questions, pointing-out of things that should be edited, etc. are always welcome.

Now..."I" have some questions for the audience (if'n y'all don't mind playing around with the 'verse that's contained so far in these stories).

Casting: Who do you see in the following roles:

Captain Kevin Monroe

Colonel D'Moj

Cham Cu'ong

Elizabeth Tran (ne Trac)

Colonel Uminoe Kicur

Saul "Mouse" Moskovitz

Commander Threll

Eighty-Six (Voice actresses)

"Gonzo" Martinez

etc. etc.

I have a few ideas of my own, but I'd like to see how close (or far away) I am with the 'feel' of the characters.

Second: Plot direction-Sander's volunteered to take on doing a story in this 'verse/version of the STOniverse, and it's going to be an awesome one, so stay tuned for that-in the meantime, tell me what YOUR characters would think about the outcome of the Son Tay mission, and the shootings at the talks. Barring the use of your own 'people', what do you think the "Rule of Natural Consequences" is going to be after Elizabeth's little 'magic trick'.

floor's open...
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