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05-02-2013, 11:30 PM
Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
Why drop it ? I always seen EPtE as a optional tool, not something that must be up whole time.

I will try to have EPtW,EPtE and EPTS with ATSIF on my steamrunner, with 2 damage control DOFFs. Same goes for my Galaxy and Galaxy-X. You know I was already thinking about ultra selfish build with EPtE and 2x Aux to damp for 100% coverage lol
Well most escorts can't really run 3... and you can't keep 100% uptime on anymore then 2.

Optimal build is 2 EPTx...

Your right though some ships could keep the epte as a backup.

I will most likely be keeping my current setup and simply be zooming all over the place... with my EPTE EPTS Aux to Damp Omega 3 with 2 AP doffs. I will be 15k away anytime I feel like it I'm thinking.

I like the changes to epte epta and eptw don't get me wrong... I am just dreading gecko or some other Cryptic money grubber seeing this as a green light to add even more healing. I think we can all see it happening now.