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05-02-2013, 11:42 PM
LoL I'm planning to have all 4 emergency powers on my G-R. Simply because EptE and EptA have nice situation benefit for ensign station and I have plenty of them. It allows flexibility, which actually is something I missed before with those barely noticeable 5s buffs.

Sure only two can be run at the same time, but the combinations for different needs are great.

EPtA + EPtW = firing + supporting !
EPtA + EptS = tanking !
EPtE + EpTW = chasing !
EptS + EPtW = firing under fire !
EptE + EptA = heroic rescue !
EptE + EptS = running under fire !

Ah can't wait to come back from home and test it on tribble.

Now add new warpcores and possibile +5 power cap to one subsystem -> bonus to another and it gets really funny with so much power.