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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
[roll credits]

special thanks to: Sander223 for the use of his characters (esp. Frank Grimes and co.)

Comments, questions, pointing-out of things that should be edited, etc. are always welcome.
You forgot Okuda's discharge/transfer date.

Now..."I" have some questions for the audience (if'n y'all don't mind playing around with the 'verse that's contained so far in these stories).

Casting: Who do you see in the following roles:

Captain Kevin Monroe
To get someone with his body type I think you'll have to look at pro wrestlers. I'm thinking Glenn Jacobs or Paul Wight.

Colonel D'Moj
You said Claudia Black at the end of Coolng but the more I read her the more she seems like Gina Torres.

Cham Cu'ong
Al Leong.

Elizabeth Tran (ne Trac)
Definitely Maggie Q.

Colonel Uminoe Kicur
This one's tricky. You need someone who can go from ice-cold to off-the-wall psycho at the flip of a switch. Someone like... Uma Thurman?

Saul "Mouse" Moskovitz
Gotta be someone who hurts people for fun, like Mickey Rourke.

Commander Threll
Cate Blanchett

Eighty-Six (Voice actresses)
Kyra Sedgwick.

"Gonzo" Martinez
Michelle Rodriguez.

etc. etc.
Also I could see Jeff Bridges as Mackenzie Calhoun

And I've cast Edward Norton as Cpt. Frank Grimes, Chiwetel Ojiefor as Cmdr. Marq Sander, Hank Azaria as the voice of Lt. "Talby" T'aalb and of course Philip Seymour Hoffman as the voice of Gen. Ssharki.

I have a few ideas of my own, but I'd like to see how close (or far away) I am with the 'feel' of the characters.

Second: Plot direction-Sander's volunteered to take on doing a story in this 'verse/version of the STOniverse, and it's going to be an awesome one...

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