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Originally Posted by richardless77 View Post
Good read Mimey. Just wondering where u have the time to write these guides AND manage our starbase. kudos bro
Thanks Fourth. It was some mondo work, but well worth it.

Originally Posted by drogyn1701 View Post
Good suggestions, thanks!

Hey mimey, how about a DOFF system guide? I'm sure there's more strategy that I could put into it than I am now.
A DOFF system guide? Phew, that would be a BIG project. It's also just not an area I know enough about in detail. I mean, I know enough to do it pretty well, and DOFF on my own...but an all-encompassing guide? I like the idea, but I don't feel it's something I want to look at.

I have however been thinking about a trio of new guides, in a way. These wouldn't be large guides, but starter guides on each of the three factions. It'd be made a few weeks after (at the earliest) LoR was released. But in these smaller guides I would talk about the advantages, playstyles, and general ship choices of each faction, and other details folks might really want me to add in.

In the meantime however, what do you all think of me adding in a section on EVERYTHING you can buy from the Starbase/Embassy? Not a list of prices, but some info on what all this stuff actually does. I would skip over fleet ships though, but I would talk about everything else.

This idea is mostly so that way people can decide if they even wanna bother getting those things. Like the Op Assets are fun toys to use (I'm REALLY REALLY looking forward to using Scimitar Reinforcements in a few days), but cannot be used outside of a few missions. Or the Skill Boosts you can buy are nice, but it can take a long long time to get to the higher tier ones. Along with some general info on what all the Advanced and Elite level gear can do.

(On that as well, can someone link me a pic to all the Elite Fed pets as well? I know there's been a couple posts on em, but I can't remember where those threads were now)

What do you all think of that?