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05-03-2013, 02:31 AM
At the end of the day it really depends on what your heart says, but...

IF you are a Sci Captain, the big advantage of the Vesta IMO are her Aux-Powered front Cannons. No need to juggle power allocation, just keep Aux Pwr to full, have max effect on your sci abilities and still do pretty decent damage (though far from the Max DPS builds I've seen around here)
Add to that the possibilities the Hangar slot gives you and you get a pretty versatile Vessel.
Add to that the consoles, each of which is great by itself and the Set Boni are fabulous...
I use the Oddy on my Engi char and the Vesta on my Sci, though in hindsight, if I had to decide on which one to spend 50 Bucks... Vesta for me everytime, thanks very much!
On a side note... If you decide to go for the Oddy, I'd think twice about buying the whole set. The 3-console bonus is nowhere near worth it clogging up 3 console slots (of which you can only use one at a time) and while it's nice to be able to switch between a Tac Oddy with Saucer sep console on single missions and the Sci Oddy with Hull repair Bees for STFs it's not really worth it.
My Engi got comparable results in the Anniversary Ambassador Retrofit and while the Oddy is a true Beauty (and oh yes the Bridge is sweet!), I'll prolly be phasing it out for a Fleet Excelsior on the long run for performance reasons. That Oddy turns like a pregnant sow on ice.
I can't really agree with hasukurobi's statement that the Oddy was easy and forgiving to fly... on the contrary... handling is so poor you have to pay close attention to where you're going, for it will take you ages to do a turn if you overshot your designated target.
90% of the time I'm using evasive maneuvers on the Oddy it's to get the damn thing to turn and get to where I'm supposed to be in time, rather than running from someone.
Best Pay Ships available atm IMO:
Sci: Vesta set
Eng: Fleet Excelsior or Fleet Assault Cruiser
Tac: (Fleet) Heavy Escort Carrier