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05-03-2013, 03:01 AM
Originally Posted by uss917019 View Post
I was in a STF and there was a little accident that you guys all know the nodes being killed before and the OPT fails then 1 player left the map and then I sayd to myself I will just leave also it gave me a STF leave penalty wich is stupid then I want to do some big dig or something else then STF now it says this: [System] [PvPGeneral] You are temporarily banned from joining or creating public queues.

Like since when do you get BANNED in all queues???

And how long is my ban???
You sound like the ragequitters I have been having to deal with lately! I can barely get an STF done without one dropping for one reason or another, thus making the mission either VERY hard or impossible to finish. I can't count how many missions that I and fellow team members have had to quit out of because someone ragequitted. It's getting to the point that I can only finish MAYBE one or two STFs a night due to ragequitters. And for someone trying to get his Omega rep up for some antiproton weapon so he can be more effective in STFs, that's a problem.

And before you say that I should play with people in my fleet, let me add that I mostly play late nights because I have a very busy life during the day and barely have time for STO.

Also, on a side note, I don't seem to suffer the leaver penalty when I drop from a match for above reasons. I have been in a match and had to drop when two people dropped and made the mission impossible to finish (Cure: Applied, I think it was), so I entered into Cure Found pve and got in, strangely at the same time as one of my team members from the match before also joined that one. Of course, that was a strange match in which someone was flying a Tier 2 Connie. Oh dear, that was a night.