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I don't know who originally drew this ship so I could give them credit. But I did the Assault Mode alterations (I'm not that good with computer graphics)
I called this ship the Graes'Ilaisnen Warbird (Old Warrior). I think it was originally called the D'vort Warbird?

Graes'Ilaisnen Warbird (Old Warrior)
Tier: 5
Hull: 34,500
Standard Shields: 4,248 (Mk X)
Shield Modifier: 0.833
Weapons: 4 forward, 3 aft (can equip dual cannons)
Crew: 750
Bridge Officers: Commander Tactical, Lieutenant Engineer, Lieutenant Science, Lieutenant Commander Universal, Ensign Universal
Device Slots: 3
Consoles: Engineer 3, Science 2, Tactical 4
Turn Rate: 14
Impulse Modifier: 0.20
Bonus Power: +10 weapons power
Abilities: Regenerative Mode (+30 Shield Systems)
Tactical Mode (+30 Targeting Systems)
Advanced Quantum Slipstream
Enhanced Battle Cloak *

* Engaging the Enhanced Battle Cloak will deactivate the Assault Mode of the Dynamic Tactical System and activating the Dynamic Tactical System will deactivate the Enhanced Battle Cloak.

Dynamic Tactical System
The Dynamic Tactical System console (or DTS) was designed specifically for the Prototype Heavy Destroyer. This console allows you to transform your ship between Regenerative Mode and Tactical Mode.
Console - Universal - Dynamic Tactical System
Rare Universal Console
Bind on Pickup
Chimera Heavy Destroyer, Peghqu' Heavy Destroyer, Graes?Ilaisnen Warbird
Tactical Mode: +30 Starship Targeting Systems, +5 Weapon Power
Bonus Weapon Power and Accuracy (-Aux, -Starship Shield Systems)
+30 Starship Targeting Systems
Disables Regenerative Mode (-5 Auxiliary Power, Disables Starship Shield Systems bonus)

Disables Tachyon Inversion Beams
Enables Lotus
+5 Weapon Power
Tachyon Inversion Beams
Cone Shield Steal
90' targeting arc
-88.1 All Shields per pulse (10 pulse max) to each target
37.7 All Shields each pulse (10 pulse max) for each target drained
Phaser/Disruptor/Plasma Lotus
Cone Heavy Phaser/Disruptor/Plasma Attack
240' targeting arc
To Target: 470 Phaser/Disruptor/Plasma Damage x 8 pulses (Mas 3 targets/pulse)
To Target: 2.5% Chance: Disable 1 Subsystem for 5 sec (Phaser/Disruptor Attack only)
To Target: 2.5% Chance: X Plasma Damage (Plasma Attack only)
To Self: After firing sequence is complete, -75 Current Weapon Power

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