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Originally Posted by bejaymac View Post
I can understand why some of the feds can get so upset about Ker'rat, they can get into it almost from the minute they leave ESD for the first time, and from lvl 1 to 19 it's the feds against the borg, so for them it's just a PVE farming zone. The brown stuff only hits the fan when they get to lvl20, as that's when we can get into Ker'rat, and that's when it becomes what it's meant to be, a PVP warzone were both factions do what ever it takes to beat the other side to win the mission.

If what I hear about the expansion is true then it will change Ker'rat for the better, as we will be able to start toons from lvl1 instead of the lvl20 it currently is, that way it doesn't matter what the "rank" cap on an instance is, as we will be able to be in there at the same rank as the feds, so it will be a PVP warzone no matter what rank you are.
You will love ot. Low level Kerrat PvP is awesome.
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The Federation may have all the superficial attention - but the game engine has a Klingon heart that lives only for battle.