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Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
Hate to say it, but when it comes to the Star Trek novels, Cryptic picks and chooses what they want.
They kind of have to, considering depending on which novels you go by:

A. The Enterprise E is either still in service, destroyed, or decommissioned, and is captained by one of four people.
B. The Enterprise F either doesn't exist yet, is a Sovereign class, Enterprise class, or an unnamed class with MVAM (the last one is technically a future that was wiped out by temporal/dimensional shenanigans), and also has several possible captains
C. The Borg are either gone completely, defeated but not destroyed, a minor threat, or still basically invincible except by plot beams from the deflector dish. They're also either fully adapted, still weak, or even weaker than before to transphasic torpedoes and other weapons future-Janeway brought back.
D. Romulus is either destroyed, the center of an anti-Khitomer Accord alliance, or an unlikely bridge of peace between warring factions.
E. Various characters are either dead, alive, assimilated, or still in the wormhole.

The novels can't be reconciled with each other, let alone STO.

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