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05-03-2013, 06:28 AM
Originally Posted by terloki View Post
Personally I can't wait for low-level PvP in Ker'rat. It'll be Mirandas v. B'rels, Connies v. K'Tancos, Sabers v. Somraws; and it will be glorious.
I still remember PVP in the early days of STO. The lower level tiers were popping quite nicely on the queues. IMO, around the Captain levels was where PVP was its most "purest." Before you got to BGen level (max at the time), where the stupid gimmicks started showing up.

Back when stuff like Sovereigns, Galaxies, Negh'Vars, Vor'Chas, and such were common place and STO PVP actually looked like "Star Trek" than some weird mashup from random things grabbed from different sources.

Those were the days...