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05-03-2013, 06:34 AM
Originally Posted by wolvenshire View Post
Going to be funny when the Klingons go up against the Romulan ships.

The only thing that makes me mad is, if my Fed ship does explode, I always respawn in a different instance. Want to go back to the fun, dang it!. lol
Nothing really is going to change.

The KDF know how the cloak works, when and not to use it. Matter of fact, the Feds will be a whole bag of LOL when they get their Romulan footstools in place. You will simply have alot of fools from Starfleet / Romulus popping in using their Battlecloaks and getting themselves vaporized with exposed hulls.

Also this: The predominantly "Farming" nature of the Federation side of the game going into Kerrat. What do you need to do to farm? That's right... decloak.

The PVE-minded, Farmer Dan nature of Starfleet in Kerrat doesn't really change the equation, no matter what toys Starfleet gets. Even if you did get battlecloaks to every single ship in the Romulan and Starfleet lineup. You guys are farmers, first and foremost, and will expose yourselves to attack, first and foremost.