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05-03-2013, 07:51 AM
YES!!! Finally, we can add ground populations without adding them one at a time! This will be great in my planned 40+ episode foundry mission series! I also have a Foundry wishlist due to something that has been annoying me lately when playing other players' missions! They need to make it possible to team up with, what would normally be enemy ships, but instead of, if you are playing a Fed only mission, their beam weapons being switched to phasers, let them still have that specific faction's weapon type! For example: Say, in a Fed mission, you team up in a space battle with a Romulan ship. As it is now, its beam weapons will be, you guessed it, PHASERS! WTH!!! The Romulans use Plasma/Disruptor weapons! I feel that you, as the writer, should have the choice to place a faction's ship and decide on whether or not, in combat, it's a friendly or an enemy! So far, understandibly, the only faction's ships you can team up with while keeping that faction's weapons the same, is the Terran ships!

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