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Hi I used skrill to buy the cheaper pack, it just asked me for email and city then processed and said finished, that was 2 days again and I received no receipt in the email and no money has left any of my accounts.

Is there a way to see if I have sucessfully bought it, and if not has anyone had experience with skrill, how long should I wait before assuming they processed it wrong and I should try something like Paypal instead?

If you're a new customer Skrill can take a day or so to process your first transaction, but it should show up as "payment review" under My Wallet. If you don't see any indication of a transaction there could be a problem. It might even have been declined. Skrill can be very finicky, IME. Skrill doesn't even work in all 50 states in the US.

You can also confirm your purchase by simply going back to the Legacy Pack site HERE. If your transaction was successful you should see a little pop-up on the right side of the screen saying "Thank you for supporting STO! You may still purchase the Legacy Pack for additional content!" The Buy Now button on the Standard Pack will also be blacked-out so that you can't buy the same Pack twice.

If it's not showing up as bought on the Legacy Pack site, and having gone 2 days now - and them being work days rather than weekend days - I would say try doing it using Paypal - especially if you see no indication of any transaction in My Wallet.
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